Pennant Race Schedules

The pennant races are alive and well in the pennant race league.  Here are the games remaining in September and October between pennant race rivals in each division.

East:  Tampa Bay/New York:  Sep13-15 @ Tampa Bay;  Sep 20-23 @New York

West:  Minnesota/Texas Sep 3-5 @ Minnesota;  Minnesota/Oakland Sep 17-19 @Minnesota;  Texas/Oakland Sep 23-26 @Oakland

East:  Atlanta/Philadelphia: Sep 20-22 @Philadelphia; Oct 1-3 @Atlanta;  Atlanta/Florida: Sep 3-5 @Florida;  Sep 27-29 @Atlanta   Philadelphia/Florida:  Sep 6-8 @Philadelphia;  Sep  13-15  @Florida

West:  San Diego/Colorado:  Sep 3-5 @San Diego;  Sep 13-15 @Colorado;  San Diego/Los Angeles:  Sep 6-8 @San Diego;  Sep 21-23 @Los Angeles;  San Diego/San Francisco:  Sep 9-12 @San Diego;  Oct 1-3 @ San Francisco;  Los Angeles/San Francisco:  Sep 3-5 @Los Angeles;  Sep 14-16 @San Francisco;  Los Angeles/Colorado:  Sep  17-19 @Los Angeles;  Sep 27-29 @Colorado;  San Francisco/Colorado:  Aug 30-Sep 1 @San Francisco;  Sep  24-26 @Colorado

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