is the 1st project of Live Chat Concepts envisioned by three guys in their quest to change how fans view live sports events.  They provide live chat rooms for each MLB game starting 30 minutes before game time and extending for 30 minutes after.  The chat rooms are an excellent way for fans of a given teams to communicate with each other during live action team play.  Exchanging expert commentary is instantaneously enhanced.

LIVEBASEBALLCHAT IS BETTER than team forums and Twitter. While team forums are more like “blogs”, gives fans a chance to converse during a game.  Twitter also does not work as well as in promoting back and forth conversation.

IT’S EASY TO JOIN a Live Chat room by using your browser to go to and register a username and password.  There’s nothing to download or any executable to click. Just confirm your email and view the schedule page.


  1. Invite a friend by email and use of CHurl.  Or use it with Twitter or Facebook.
  2. Know who’s chatting by clicking “Who is Here” button.
  3. Learn more about users by clicking “User Name” in “Chat Panel”  or “Who is Here Panel”.
  4. Auto log in post to Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Buddy Alerts through your Email.
  6. New Features in “Quick Tips” box.
  7. Live Chat Concepts “Badge” system
  8. Team Walls for finding users with same favorite teams.

CHECK THEM OUT and experience a new way to share your favorite team’s games with other team fans!!

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