A New “pennantracebaseball.com”


We’ve “Updated” our ideas about what “Pennant Race Baseball” means to US;  thus broadening our horizons and expanded the universe of topics we will be discussing here.

While I was growing up, and through most of my adult life, professional baseball WAS season-long Pennant Races that WERE the best possible baseball ever.  And if you can believe it (and you can, because it’s true), the Grand Finale, was EVEN BETTER—The World Series.  When MLB expanded to 24 teams in 1969,  baseball fans  had FOUR excellent professional baseball Pennant Races each Regular Season.  MLB’s excellent Post-Season was tripled.  The LCSs, gave fans not 1, but 3 Post-Season Series.  As a matter of fact,  professional baseball’s season-long “Series” format and Pennant Races were a unique quality in all of Professional Sport. We believe these qualities were major contributing factors in Baseball being the best Sport in America—”The National Pastime”.

Sadly, with MLB going to 2nd place finishers making the Post-Season in 1994, the league and its fans lost true Pennant Race Baseball, and it yearly re-creation of  ”The Best Baseball Ever”. While “The Wild Card” was indeed “New”, it was certainly not possible for MLB to “Improve” on “The Best Possible Baseball Ever”.  (True Pennants are claimed by Pennant winners, only after Regular Seasons end.  With this in mind, it is our belief, that the “advertised” claim that Pennants are awarded after LCSs, is an illogical assertion indeed!)

With MLB and other influential groups, organizations, and institutions, apparently seeking to put  the word “Best” on Life’s B -List, we at pennantracebaseball.com feel a growing sense of personal duty to write about the things we experience as “The Best” in all aspects of  Life.  In so doing, we hope to be a leader in bringing to the forefront, “The Best” that Life has to offer all of US.


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