1952-National League

The 1952 National League season was similar to 1951, as the too top contenders for the flag were New York and Brooklyn.  The difference, however, was the order of finish.  This time, the Dodgers took the lead on June 1,  built it to 10.5 on August 25, and, except for one day, never were less than 3 games ahead the rest of the season.

Still there was some excitement in September.  New York closed the lead to 3 games on 9/13 and it was still 3 games after the games of 9/17.  On 9/19-9/21 though the Dodgers won three games against Boston and the Giants lost three in Philadelphia.  That was it.  While New York met the criteria for year long pennant contention (still having a chance after the next to last weekend), they met it barely.  On Tuesday, Sept 23 when Brooklyn beat Philadelphia, 5-4 New York’s chances for the pennant were over. 

 The final standings were:  BRO 96-57 .627 (–);  NYG 92-62 .597 (4.5);  STL 88-66 .571 (8.5);  PHI 87-67 .565 (9.5).  As was noted above, Brooklyn lost the 1952 World Series to the New York Yankees, 4-3.

Resources:  http://baseballrace.com; http://baseball-reference.com

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