Pennant Race Gazette 9/10/10


New York at Texas and Kansas City at Chicago are two more times when the Tier set-up augments pennant race league’s season.  The the 1st instance New York and Texas I still in the pennant race fight.  Kansas City and Chicago are looking for victories that will propell them into the 1st Tier.

San Francisco at San Diego features San Francisco’s attempt to pick up ground on 1st place San Diego.

Yesterday’s Results:

DET  6  CHI  3 (Not Tier);  TEX  4  TOR  2 (NT)

SF  7  SD  3 (West);  COL  6  CIN  5 (Not Tier Schedule);  STL  11  ATL  4 (NTS);  HOU  3  LA  2 (NT)

East                              W      L        GB

  1. Tampa Bay       60     34      —
  2. New York          55     37        4
  3. Boston                54     44        8
  4. Toronto             50     46      11
  5. Kansas City       33     36      14.5
  6. Detroit                35     40      15.5
  7. Cleveland          36     47       18.5
  8. Baltimore          27     63       31

West                              W      L        GB

  1. Minnesota          42    26      —
  2. Oakland               42    37        5.5
  3. Texas                    40   38         7
  4. Chicago                32   33         8.5
  5. Los Angeles        37   41       10
  6. Seattle                   32   52       18

East                              W      L        GB

  1. Philadelphia     52    43       —
  2. Atlanta               51     44         1
  3. Cincinnati         42     36         1.5
  4. Florida               50     50         4.5
  5. Houston            33      36         6
  6. Washington     44      51          8
  7. New York         42      52          9.5
  8. Pittsburgh        22     52         19.5

West                              W      L        GB

  1. San Diego            58     40      —
  2. Colorado             53     42         3.5
  3. San Francisco    53     42        3.5
  4. Los Angeles        51     47        7
  5. St. Louis               37     34        7.5
  6. Milwaukee           40     38        8
  7. Chicago                 40     42      10
  8. Arizona                 41      60      18.5

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